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Treatment for Liver Tumors

Liver Tumors usually do not present with any specific symptoms until they are large in size. Most are identified incidentally when the patient undergoes a health checkup. Examples of cancerous tumors are hepatocellular carcinoma, cholangiocarcinoma, tumors that have spread to liver from other organs (bowel cancer, neuroendocrine tumor, cancers of kidneys and genital organs).

Best treatment of most cancerous liver tumors is surgical, in which the portion of liver which is affected by the tumor is removed. Some patients may be unfit for a major liver operation either because of poor medical condition, or advanced disease. These patient may be suitable for non-operative treatments such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy given specifically into the blood vessels supplying the liver (TACE or TARE). Prompt consultation with a specialist liver surgical team is likely to result in quick evaluation and optimal treatment of the liver tumor. Appropriate treatment is likely to result in favorable outcome.