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After Transplant

Shruti Story :

Hello friends! I am Shruti! I have suffered a liver problem and have undergone a liver transplant, and if you too are having a liver problem, DO NOT worry! I shall be delighted to share my experience with you so that you are prepared for the transplant. And believe me, I shall be very frank about the experiences and will not bore you to death!

I shall start with a small introduction of myself. As I said, I am Shruti and I am thirteen years old (yes, I am a teenager now!). I had my transplant at the age of four years! But even so, I am here, writing this book and sharing my experiences.


Unhappy Shruti :

When I was around two years old, I used to have dark-yellow, in fact orange-ish, urine. I used to get very tired every day and this was very noticeable. I, as a small little girl, had been very playful, but gradually I became very dull.

I got dark-circles under my eyes and I used to grow very tired at even the smallest amount of activity. I was unable to attend school at the time because of the weakness. My parents were extremely worried about me. They took me to a doctor, and we found out that I was suffering from jaundice. This made my parents really upset.

I was very weak and eating was really tiresome for me; I got no taste of the food I ate and chewing, too, made me tired! And, if I finally managed to gulp down a plate of food, five to ten minutes later, I would vomit all the food out. So, to escape the vomit and weakness, I stopped eating.



Sometimes, I would get really high fever and would not sit up for hours on end. I would just lie down and groan and complain. At those times, my elder brother would put wet cloths on my forehead to cool down the fever.

You can guess how worried my parents and brother were, especially as the jaundice continued for two whole years!

Tour of Hospitals

My parents did a lot to make me recover. They took to me to lots of doctors. Each one suggested different medicines and I had to take all of them. Almost every two-three weeks my medicines would change.

A specialist doctor who looks after children with liver disease, said that I needed a liver transplant. This came as a huge shock to mom and dad. But they took it staunchly.


After long discussion and lot of internet search, my parents were convinced that liver transplant is the only option. It was decided that my mom would give me a part of her liver as her blood group matched mine. And thus, the actual story begins!

The Transplant :

I cannot be sure of what exactly happened during the transplant but I can tell you of what did before and after the transplant. First of all, a doctor put an injection on the back of my right palm and a tap-like thing, plastered with pink tape was inserted there.


Then they put a clip-like thing on my finger to take my pulse rate and I could see my heartbeats moving in a line graph along the machine (heart and pulse have the same rates). After that, I guess they put the anaesthesia and I do not know what happened. So now I jump to my after-transplant experiences. I will narrate only incidents here.

I was very weak after the transplant and every day the nurses would help me to sit up and eat my meals.

The nurses in the ICU were really nice and sweet to me. I have to take several medicines to prevent my body rejecting the new liver.liver-transplanatation

A few days later I was given the permission to walk and everyday my nurses would help me walk a little around the ICU.

The End!

Friends, I guess all of you must have liked my experiences. I am sure any good hospital will surely make the pain much easier to bear. You will have to stay in the ICU for a week or two and in the hospital for maybe another month or two but I assure you, it won’t be full-time groaning!

You would need monthly blood test to check the function of liver and during first year. Most important after liver transplant is regular follow-up with the doctors and never forget to take your medicines or never try to stop your medicines.

I hope all of you now have the strength and courage to go for the transplant. After all, it is for your own health and happiness. So, don’t be afraid! And take care!