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Pediatric Liver Transplantation

Pediatric Liver Transplantation

Liver transplantation has now been recognized safe and successful procedure not only for end stage liver diseases but also various liver based metabolic disorders and hematological problems. Liver disease in children differ from adults in terms of by aetiology, and management and requires a dedicated team of paediatric liver transplant surgeon, Paediatric hepatologist and intensivist for successful short and long term outcome.

The use of innovative surgical techniques has allowed the application of liver transplantation to even very young infants with excellent results. Due to the requirement of small liver graft, living donor liver transplantation is a safe and effective alternate to cadaveric graft as it provides good quality liver grafts at appropriate time.

Liver Transplant Process at Global Hospital

  • Patients will meet with hepatologist (liver specialist).
  • Will also meet the transplant coordinator and learn about the transplant process.
  • Verify any insurance benefits and financial status with finance advisor.
  • Complete the transplant assessment and work up.
  • Meet with the social worker to prepare patient to cope throughout the transplant process.
  • Meet with the dietitian to optimize nutritional state.
  • Meet the transplant surgeons to review the operation and care after the transplant.
  • Become listed and place on wait list (for cadaver) after evaluation is completed, or proceed with liver donor work up and plan for transplant surgery as appropriate.

The Transplant:

  • Patients are called at the time a potential liver has been identified.
  • Admission and undergoing the transplant operation.
  • At discharge the nurse coordinator, dietitian, social worker, pharmacist, and physical therapist along with the hepatologist, will advise the patient proper care of the new liver.

Follow Up:

  • As directed through clinic appointments.
  • Patients from far will have to stay in and around the transplant centre for at least 3 months.
  • Addressing any questions or concerns.
  • Patients can sign up for one year unlimited phone service and visits to the centre.

Our program offers both adult-to-child and adult-to-adult (including right lobe) living donor liver transplants, with very good donor and receipient outcome.

Donor Selection:

Only related donors are evaluated as a policy at Global. The patient’s family are asked to identify potential donors with compatible blood group, sometimes even two or threee, who are then thoroughly evaluated. Advanced CT scanning is done for all potential donors to assess their liver anatomy in detail. Once a donor is identified, detailed counselling is done before they are taken up for surgery.

Living donor transplants are very useful in certain urgent situations such as those with acute (fulminant) liver failure or those with cirrhosis of liver who develop tumors, as the availability of cadaver organs may not always be possible. Living donor transplants are also good option for children as one of the parents can usually donate and only a small portion of their liver may be required.

Our program at Global has a highly skilled surgical team to perform living donor transplants very safely and successfully.