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Learning opportunities in the Unit

Our faculty has a strong academic and research backgrounds and Professor Rela has a great interest in training future clinicians in this specialty area of medicine. We offer a variety of training programs for interested candidates from around the world.

Learning opportunities for Surgeons

  • Operating exposure to deceased donor retrieval, paediatric & adult deceased donor and living donor liver transplantation, living donor hepatectomy and complex hepatobiliary surgery
  • Post-operative care of the liver transplant recipient and living donor
  • Outpatient management of post-transplant patients in transplant clinics (twice weekly)

Learning opportunities for Gastroenterologists/ Hepatologists

  • Pre-operative assessment and evaluation of patients with end stage liver disease for transplantation
  • Management of patients with acute liver failure
  • Post-operative ICU and ward management after transplantation
  • Managing Immunosuppression in the recipient
  • Outpatient management of post-transplant patients

Learning opportunities for Anesthesists and Intensivists

  • Management of the brain stem dead donor
  • Anesthetic evaluation of the transplant recipient
  • Anesthetic management during liver transplantation and complex hepatobiliary surgery
  • Intensive care management of transplant recipients
  • Management of patients with acute liver failure