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Celebration of life

A team of globally renowned Liver transplant surgeons comprising Prof. Dr. Mohamed Rela, a globally renowned liver transplant surgeon, Dr. Gomathy Narasimhan, Sr. Consultant – Liver transplant surgeon, Dr. Naresh Shanmugam, Sr. Consultant – Paediatric Hepatology from Global Health City, presided over the re-union of the Sri Lankan patients who have undergone liver transplants at Global Health City, who came together on a single platform to share their experiences. Namal Udugama an iconic singer, composer and songwriter of the island nation who had also undergone transplant surgery, performed a live concert to enhance the joy amongst patients through his music.

Global Health City the flagship facility of Global Hospitals Group, one of India’s fastest growing hospital chains, has performed Liver transplantation on over 60 patients from Sri Lanka apart from many complex Liver and Pancreatic surgeries.

“The people present have all undergone a transplant over the last six years. Their presence here is a testimony to the fact that organ transplant is a safe solution to address liver failure.

It might also be relevant to mention here that, we have performed a transplant on a child who was weighing less than five kilos who incidentally happens to be from Sri Lanka”, said Prof. Dr. Mohamed Rela speaking on the occasion.

“It is a great experience to see patients transplanted few years ago to a few months ago, both adults and children return back to normalcy and enjoying a good quality of life. Children are back at school and adult patients are back to full productivity and taking care of their families. Definitely, they seem a lot more cheerful”.”

M.F.A RIYAS – Chairman & CEO Forte International said “this is like a dream come true to see so many happy families getting back on track and sharing their experiences and happiness together.

This was the motto of joining hands with Global Hospitals and the local doctors together, in order to provide the best of medical care to my Sri Lankan Brothers & Sisters”.

The Organ transplant program of Global Health City is among the largest in South East Asia and caters to almost 20 countries in the SAARC, Middle East and African nations.

Unique features of the program

* Program performing large number of both Deceased donor and Living donor Liver transplant

* Largest number of procedures involving technical innovations like Split Liver Transplantation and Auxiliary Liver Transplantation

* Smallest child (less than 5 kgs.) to undergo Liver Transplant at Global health City was from Sri Lanka

* First Swap transplant at Global health city was between 2 Sri Lankan families for Sri Lankan Patients

* Pioneers in Adult & Paediatric Liver Transplants performed over 675 Liver transplants at Chennai 200 paediatric transplants making us the largest centre for Liver Transplant.

* Largest centre for combined Liver & Kidney Transplant.

* Performs complex liver & pancreas surgeries for tumour.


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